During the second week of February the city of Düsseldorf, Germany, was transformed as people from all over the globe came together to experience the world’s no. 1 retail fair. For many of the exhibitors this event marked a much-anticipated pinnacle which had taken three years to prepare for. For ED Design the timeline was significantly shorter.

Viessmann, a long-term client of ED Design displayed quality, excellence and progressive thinking in their stand and were awarded third place price out of approximately 2300 exhibitors. They also outrivaled all other stands within the refrigeration sector.

ED Design is proud to have taken part in designing and developing the SV5 (semi-vertical) “crown-end” alongside the fantastic team at Viessmann R&D. Despite being a prototype, the unit quickly drew the attention of all who visited the stand. The corners were a key element that ED Design helped design and produce for the presentation prototype. They (the corners) incorporate minimalistic design resulting in increased product visibility and accessibility. The unit is unified by seamlessly integrating the crown-end into the line.

At ED Design we pride ourselves in the success of our clients and we hope to take part in more of these exciting challenges as the company advances. We look forward to seeing what innovations can be achieved by the next Euroshop, in 2023.

Big thanks to the team at Viessmann for once again entrusting ED Design with an exciting challenge, and for putting on such a great show overall.

For more information on Viessmann’s products visit their website at: https://www.viessmann.com/com/en.html

For viewing more of ED-Design’s projects please visit: https://ed-design.fi/

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