Don't Let Your Competitors Pass You By

Are you stuck with incremental developments, not breaking through with the next great product or service that can transform your industry? So, what happens when your competitors pass you by with new innovations? That puts you in the past.

It’s time to look toward the future by designing today.

The DESIGN PUZZLE™ toolkit helps you break out of your locked-in cycles and push forward to refresh your portfolio with new innovative ideas. Built on solid user insight and future foresight, the toolkit systematically creates holistic solutions which create viable business. Innovation has never been so straightforward.

The Design Puzzle™ methodology has been developed by ED Design.
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Designing for the Future

Instead of looking for flaws in your existing products, leverage user involvement to impact your idea generation, concept testing, future strategies, and eventual product launch. Design Puzzle™ makes it possible.

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Design Puzzle 1

Taking the Guesswork Out of R&D

What if you knew beforehand that you have an idea that works? By truly understanding the needs and desires of your intended audience, you can create products and services that meet their goals – and generate viable business.

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