Don't let COVID-19 halt your R&D

COVID-19 is wrecking destruction around the globe. In addition to severe human health issues, the effect to businesses is going to be devastating. Many companies are ramping down their activities in the hope of surviving the wreckage with bearable damage.

On the other hand, most employees are doing just fine. In many functions such as R&D, remote working provides an excellent way to keep the wheels turning. It’s just about finding the right ways to work.

At ED Design, we have been prepared for this situation for years. We like face to face meetings just like the rest of you, but when serving our overseas customers, it is often beneficial to minimize the need to travel. For this purpose, we have developed conventions which utilize remote meetings and a totally digital design pipeline. Constant communication and sharing of up-to-date information are crucial but by no means require being in the same office. In fact, our remote working conventions have proved to work so well that we have long ago taken up using them with also our local customers. This means that we are continuing to serve our customers with no hick-ups.

Ramping your R&D efforts down now will damage your business by setting you at a disadvantage later. The more companies realize this, the better chance world economy has when recovering from the corona pandemic.

We at ED Design are here to provide you with Industrial Design services which help you keep your R&D running. Just as we always have been.

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Elvytysrahoitus on kehitysrahoitusta

Uuden ED Designin ytimessä on vuoden 2020 aikana itse kehittämämme Design Puzzle -työkalupakki. Se on systematisoitu joukko käyttäjäkeskeisiä työkaluja ja -menetelmiä, joiden avulla analysoimme asiakkaidemme asiakkaiden ydintarpeet, tunnistamme niiden avaamat täysin uudenlaiset liiketoimintamahdollisuudet ja kehitämme niiden perusteella asiakkaillemme uusia tuotteita ja palveluja. Kun asiakkaamme menestyvät, menestymme mekin. Design Puzzle on testattu ja toimivaksi todettu jo useissa kotimaisissa ja kansainvälisissä projekteissa.

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