We specialize in designing and developing products that combine innovative solutions and functionality with attractive and intuitive forms. From forks to forklifts, all good products and services deserve to be thoughtfully designed.

Good ideas deserve good design

The starting point for industrial design is a well defined idea which can be turned into design concepts and developed into realizable products. Going from idea to reality demands creativity and expertise at every step, ensuring that the product design and mechanical concepts go hand in hand.

Control your process

No design exist in a vacuum, and a successful design process accounts for all the stages of a product’s life. A thorough process means you can be confident in making good choices, and avoid expensive changes later. As projects proceed, we constantly develop and evaluate ideas, resulting in strong ideas that make sense across the board. Through this process, we include key stakeholders like expert users and manufacturers to ensure the viability of the designs.

Tried and tested

Throughout the design process, we utilize our own prototype workshop and partner network to develop feasible mechanical designs. Components and designs can be thoroughly tested and evaluated before committing to mass manufacturing, saving time and money in the long run. Our mixed team of designers and engineers work in harmony to ensure that no decisions compromise neither form nor function.

Complete delivery

At ED Design we are capable of delivering complete projects with holistic design in every detail. Whether you start from scratch or seek to improve an existing product, we can follow you all the way to a fully developed, manufacturable design where nothing is left to chance.

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