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We design holistic solutions which combine physical products, digital interfaces, and services.

Industrial design
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Success stories of
industrial design

ED Design is a Scandinavian design agency. Our journey of almost half a century includes success stories from the world’s first portable mobile telephone and touch-free water tap to recent innovations in the fields of health technology, circular economy, vehicle design, robotics and retail.

Our experience, accumulated in the course of thousands of projects, and our continuous improvement, form the basis for creation of new innovation. We are a strategic partner whose competence is reflected in the success of our customers and in the numerous international design awards we have received.

Industrial design is
business design

Our working method constitutes an effective combination of industrial design, service design and strategic design. When we design physical products, we also design the related services and digital user interfaces and generate new business models.

We utilise aspects ranging from business design to user experience, from manufacturability to logistics, and from installability to maintenance. Our designers are familiar with manufacturing techniques and materials and understand technologies which enable ground-breaking innovation. Above all, they are familiar with the principles which are in effect in different fields of business.

Industrial design develops usability and user experience

By using field investigations and participatory work methods, we produce information about the core needs and desires of the different user groups. Based on these, our experienced designers create effective, safe, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing solutions. At the same time, we challenge the predominant business models.

Benefits of
industrial design

  1. User experience: Industrial design makes products pleasing in terms of both aesthetics and user experience. It also generates value and engages users.
  2. Usability and utility: Well-designed products and services enhance operations, improve productivity and safety, reduce frustration and increase satisfaction.
  3. Interactivity: Holistic design links the physical world and digital user interfaces into smart and easy-to-use solutions.
  4. Business development: A combination of industrial design and service design generates new business models and enables new strategies.
  5. Brand manifestation: Customers have a stronger connection to a company’s brand elements when they are manifested consistently in all products and services.

Design-centric companies outperform their peers. Studies show that investing in design triples a company’s value compared to competition.

Jeneanne Rae: What is the Real Value of Design?

Industrial design is

Our design work is based on identifying business-related logic and development trends. By analysing the findings, we establish the present situation, identify field-specific business opportunities and development trends, and determine the design preconditions. Clear target-setting guides the work in the right direction from the very beginning.

Users’ core needs and desires are recognised by going to situations and places where the product and related services will be used. Besides the end users, it is important to also pay attention to e.g. logistics, installation and maintenance. The results of the investigation and subsequent use of user-centred design methods challenge presuppositions and reveal key development targets. At best, new business opportunities are discovered.

During the most creative design work phase, our designers fuse their experience with their understanding of the users and the business. Alternative design concepts are formed wherein efficiency, functionality, safety, pleasantness and smart solutions are combined with Scandinavian design and brand building. Our own prototype workshop enables testing the solutions with the help of models and prototypes. Based on the design concepts, it is easy to make an enlightened decision on the solution selected for further development.

Our industrial designers, service designers and mechanical engineers work closely with our customers throughout the whole product and service development project. Besides the usability aspect, the work is guided by manufacturability and business factors. If necessary, we can continue as partners of our customers from the strategy development until entry into production.

Industrial design

  • Aesthetics and user experience
  • Ergonomics and usability
  • Colours and materials
  • Mechanical solutions
  • Physical and digital user interfaces
  • Models and prototypes
  • Commercialisation
  • Manufacturability
  • Package design
  • Product and service entities