Mechanical Design

We design solutions that are functional and can be productised.

Mekaniikkasuunnittelu Molok

Success stories of industrial design and
mechanical design

ED Design is a Scandinavian design agency. Our working method is an effective combination of industrial design and mechanical engineering. Designing the most ideal mechanical solutions for a product is an integral part of the design process.

We utilise aspects ranging from manufacturability to logistics, and from installability to maintenance. Our designers are familiar with manufacturing techniques and materials and understand technologies which enable ground-breaking innovation. Above all, they are familiar with the principles which are in effect in different fields of business. Our own prototype workshop enables testing the solutions at an early phase.

Our designers can prepare the drawings needed in manufacturing and collaborate with our customer and the selected manufacturer until production ramp-up.

Benefits of
mechanical design

  1. Cost-efficiency: Having mechanical requirements and manufacturing aspects as design drivers from an early stage reduces the manufacturing costs of the final solution.
  2. Manufacturability: Mechanical design guides structural design to simpler and more modular solutions. The most suitable manufacturing technique is selected for each component and part.
  3. Usability and utility: Well-designed products enhance operations, improve productivity and safety, reduce frustration and increase satisfaction.
  4. User experience: Well-designed products enhance operations, improve productivity and safety, reduce frustration and increase satisfaction.

Seamless collaboration of industrial design and
mechanical design.

Industrial design and mechanical design are used side by side to design complex products. As the design process advances, the focus gradually shifts from usability and aesthetic values to mechanical requirements and production perspectives, all of which are observed at each stage.

Advanced mechanical design breaks the iterative development path and finds optimal solutions to the given problem. The work makes use of user-centered methods and seeks alternative solutions to be assessed and developed by means of simulations and prototypes. A key factor in this is a 3D model designed to be easily modifiable so that alternative solutions can be produced quickly for assessment. It is recommended to include simulations, FEM analyses and cost estimates as early as in the concept phase. Experience-based knowledge of proven manufacturing methods and dimensioning is also important.

Mechanical design is one part of our comprehensive service. The transition from industrial design to mechanical design is then seamless and occurs using the same tools – one expert remains responsible for the design process throughout its duration. Our mechanical engineers can think like our designers and vice versa.

Our strong points are experience and expertise. A skilled mechanical designer masters the design of complex products from surface modeling to manufacturing. The mechanical design we provide suits expert projects of different lengths, either as contract work or according to a resource offer based on workload.

Mechanical design

  • Mechanical solutions
  • Manufacturability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Models and prototypes
  • Ergonomics and usability
  • Colours and materials