Prototype workshop

We produce models and prototypes to support the design process and decision-making.

Success stories employing
models and prototypes

ED Design is a Scandinavian design agency. Our working method is an effective combination of industrial design, mechanical design and service design.  When we design physical products and related digital user interfaces, we produce the necessary models and prototypes at our own prototype workshop to receive feedback quicker.

According to a rule of thumb in product development, the cost of modifications increases in proportion to how late in the project they are implemented. The most important purpose of mock-ups and prototypes is to provide early feedback. The prototype workshop operating in connection with our design agency expedites the completion of projects, saves money and, above all, allows agile product development, which guarantees a high-quality end result.

Benefits of
models and prototypes

  1. Concreteness: Compared with mere images or virtual models, physical mock-ups allow making more detailed observations and creating better solutions.
  2. Involvement: Mock-ups enable, for example, optimising a heavy equipment cabin’s ergonomics together with drivers, or developing the appearance and feel of a water tap together with users.
  3. Cost savings: Finished prototypes allow presenting, testing and selling products to customers – before a single euro has been invested in serial production tools.
  4. Demos: Demo equipment is used to highlight unique product features e.g. at a trade fair, to support the work of technical sales personnel and to contribute to user training.

Models and prototypes
support decision-making.

Utilising a mock-up in design work is the fastest and surest way to develop the user interface of an appliance, specifically when the product is large enough to surround the user. Compared with mere images or virtual models, physical mock-ups allow obtaining more credible feedback and making more justified decisions to serve the next project phase.

As the design work progresses, mock-up models are constructed switfly and precisely and modified in accordance with any boundary conditions, such as the dimensions of a cabin or space reserved for components. If necessary, a mock-up can be finished to the point where it can be presented at an exhibition or utilised in user testing. We can deliver, for example, fully functional control equipment and cabin components for heavy equipment prototypes.

Constructing prototypes requires methods and operating models that differ from serial production. We finish and assemble production items to the desired level of finishing – when needed, the finishing level can match those of serially manufactured assemblies. We schedule deliveries so that our customers receive prototypes as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Models are often intended for testing specific product properties or for obtaining user feedback. We provide model construction and testing in one package, complete with a testing report for the customer. In addition to a test report, we can implement any required geometrical modifications and obtain an official classification (e.g. IP classification).

Prototype workshop

  • Grey models
  • Mechanical concepts
  • Functional prototypes
  • Demo units
  • Scale models
  • Finalised mock-ups