ABB Drives

ED Design provides Industrial Design and Service Design for ABB drives and drive product lines.

ABB drives are used for controlling the frequency and voltage of electric motors continuously, keeping their speed and torque optimal at all times. This results in improved productivity while saving up to 50% of energy. The drive product range spans from micro scale devices up to large scale drives suitable for use in heavy industry, where they are used for controlling e.g. cranes and conveyors.

Designs of ABB drives are based on optimizing usage scenarios spanning the drives’ entire life cycle. For example, by studying the work of the installation technicians, and by developing the design of the drives based on the observations, errors occurring during installation have been significantly reduced. This lessens the need for unnecessary service breaks later. Likewise, solutions for shortening the length of mandatory service breaks have been developed.

ABB’s brand identifiers have been developed to be intuitively visible in the drives and their product families. The result is a range of products with Scandinavian simplicity which sustains over time.

In addition to drives, ED Design has designed and built several demo units for ABB. The units are used for demonstrating the functionality and benefits of the drives at exhibitions, office lobbies, etc.