Ensto: Electric Vehicle Charging Ecosystem

Ensto Chago is an electric vehicle (EV) charging ecosystem and a product family which consists of several different charging stations and related software applications and information systems.

Ensto offers charging station models for parking lots, parking garages, and for EV charging at home. Depending on model, there are integrated functions for authentication and paying, as well as large displays for public information and commercial content.

EV charging stations can be connected to a cloud service where they can be managed using the Ensto Chago Server web interface. It gives companies and institutions an economic, real-time opportunity to offer EV charging services with minimal interruption. The status of each station can be constantly monitored and troubleshooting can be done quickly and effortlessly. If needed, a service technician can be quickly dispatched. The Ensto Chago Server interface can be used for managing up to a hundred Ensto Chago EV charging stations.

ED Design works with Ensto to design user-centered service experiences for the EV charging ecosystem, and is responsible for designing the charging station models as well as the Ensto Chago Server user experience.

Top scores for design have won Ensto several major deals including providing the charging infrastructure for the city of Oslo, Norway.