Epic Driving School

Driving school services confronted a totally new situation year 2018 in Finland as regulations for acquiring a driving licence were radically eased up. As a consequence, there was a strong and rapid need for new service models and revenue streams.

Epic Driving School, being one of the largest players in Finland, wanted to be the forerunner in the transformation and incorporate digital services stronger as a part of their service
offering. ED Design co-created new service models and services with Epic based on their current and potential customer groups.

”We wanted to be fully prepared for the change in legislation, and were looking for a partner that would serve us with a fresh ideas and viewpoints for productization of our services.

ED Design was well equipped for the challenge. Together we were able to run through a process where customer requirements, needs and wishes were a strong part of the work process.”
– Santtu Viitala, Operations Director, Epic Group Oy