Finn-Tack: Contender C6 Sulky

Finn-Tack supplies trotting equipment for drivers and their horses at every level. The company’s strong position at the top of the market is based on its customer-driven product development process.

The new Contender C6 sulky has been developed to fulfill the demands of today’s professional drivers. The carbon shafts are formed to support the horse and to give the driver an ergonomic driving position. The main frame is made of FORM 500 steel. The parts in the sulky have been fixed together by using cutting edge production methods, and the wheels can be fixed to five different positions so the sulky can be adapted to fit any horse.

ED Design has been responsible for the industrial design and mechanical design of the sulky. The work included concept design, design development, definition of product methods, as well as 3D mechanical design of the carbon and steel parts and the plastic fittings.