Hidex: SL 600 Liquid scintillation counter

The Brand appearance and design of this high tech company has been ED-Design’s responsibility for a long time.

Samle analysator is designed for research use in laboratories, for example in hospitals. Samples are short-term radioactive samples. The patient is given a radioactive marker in the bloodstream where it adheres to the molecule to be sought (e.g. an enzyme or bacterium produced  by a tumor, etc.) Blood samples (or environmental samples) are processed (e.g. diluted and weighed), identified and placed in a sample bottle on the cartridges in the device. The meter’s feeding line can take few hundred samples. The device moves the samples one at a time for radioactive measurement to the measuring chamber and back. The chamber is shealded with lead. The sample concentration is analyzed. The process takes 4-8 hours at full charge.

ED has designed the device, it’s architectue and the lay-out in co-operation with the customer’s product development team. The production volumes are small, so sheet metal work and aluminum / steel machining are the main methods. Sample cartridges are injection molded, they are needed by hundreds. Large sliding covers make it easy to load and unload the sample batches. The size of the device is approx. 1200 * 800 * 600 mm, weight with protective lead shield is about 300 kg.

ED-Design also made a (proto) mockup model on the enclosure.

More: http://hidex.com/products/hidex-600sl/