Hyster-Yale: MP20-25T Rider Pallet truck

ED-Design helped develop the user ergonomics and styling of the new Pallet truck through a process of iterative mock-up building process.

From the low step height for easier on-off-access, to the large floor space and clear operator views, all aspects of the Yale MPT trucks have been designed with good ergonomics as a key design driver. A unique adaptive seat offers sit, lean and stand functionality at the touch of a button, giving operators full freedom of movement, whether for short or long transfers. An easily operated butterfly switch gives control of direction and speed. Operators right hand control- and support function is very important. A firm grip on the handle ensures the safety and efficiency while controlling the direction, horn etc. with the fingers.

ED Design has been working as Hyster-Yale’s industrial design partner of choice for over a decade. Yale MPT Series trucks is one of the latest fruits of the co-operation

On March 4th 2017 the FLTA Award for Ergonomics was taken by Yale MPT Series rider pallet truck. It stands as the year’s best example of the drive to keep fork lift truck operators comfortable and safe, while achieving the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.

More: www.hyster-yale.com