iLOQ NFC is the first smart lock that harvests electricity from a smartphone. The ground-breaking technology enables you to start using your phone as a key without batteries or cables in the smart lock of your door. Smartphone works not only as a key but also as a power source for the lock.

Benefits of mobile smart locks are indisputable: creating, sharing and revoking access with your phone as a key. The problem is that every smart lock currently on the market needs to be powered by batteries or a cable power supply. “With traditional smart locks, costly regular battery renewal process or expensive wiring is needed to get the locks powered and connected. These costs really start to matter the more the locks you have,” says iLOQ CEO and founder Mika Pukari.

iLOQ NFC lock is unlocked by touching the door knob with a smart phone. The knob is released and can be turned if the phone has the proper access rights. The lock is easy to install by replacing the existing lock without extra installation work to the door. Please watch this video to see how iLOQ NFC works.

iLOQ products, including iLOQ NFC, have been designed by ED Design Oy.

iLOQ NFC:n ja muiden iLOQ-tuotteiden muotoilusta on jo pitkään vastannut ED Design Oy.