The First Step in Recycling

Molok’s deep containers provide a smart means to collect waste for millions of people around the world. The benefits of storing waste below the ground are obvious: the container only requires a small amount of space above ground while being able to store large amounts of material, and the cool temperature deep in the container also slows the decomposing process and helps to keep unwanted odors at bay.

For Molok, waste management is not just garbage disposal – it is the first link in the chain of recycling raw materials. Special container types are provider for easy sorting of different waste types, making the process easy and enticing for the consumer.

Shaping the Future of Circular Economy

Molok’s business development is based on future foresight. Together, Molok and ED Design are always on the lookout for shifting customer needs, trends and regulations – opportunities for new innovation and business potential. Molok’s global success stands as a great testimony to the effectiveness ED Design’s co-operative Strategic Design methods.

Designed Success

When designing solutions for waste management, it is essential to observe the needs of the consumers as well as those of the operators in charge of waste logistics. When designing Molok’s products, ED Design is also designing the service models around them. This makes Molok the obvious first choice for all involved stakeholders. Molok’s solutions provide savings on time and money while saving the environment.

ED Design has worked as Molok’s design partner of choice for years.