Morehouse: COMM7 Command Center

COMM7 is Morehouse’s flagship product. Completely designed and manufactured in Finland, COMM7 is the most sophisticated mobile shelter solution out there when and where connections are crucial. The unit is based on 20 ft CSC approved container. The concept product that was announced in Tour de Sky 2016 airshow takes the speed of deployment into new level.

ED Design’s responsibility was the design of operator workstations, control room color scheme and graphics. We also supplied the proto workstations to the concept product. The workstations are no longer based on standard office furniture. Instead, they surround the user and provide a completely new user experience. This design allows deployment and evacuation times to be cut to a fraction. All the functions are integrated into one foldable frame. The workstation provides privacy – still maintaining excellent visibility inside the command center.

The container is packed into one-third of its volume during transportation. The workstations pack tighter than the previous solution, and even allow limited operation during transport.