Outotec: Analyzator Workspace Based on a Sea Container

Outotec Courier analyzators are used for controlling the ore concentration process. The analyzator monitors the concentrations of elements and adjusts the process parameters for optimal output.

In this project, we developed a modular analyzator workspace for Outotec Courier 5, 6, and 8 systems. The workspace was designed to be built in the frame of a standard sea container. The design work was based on thoroughly understanding the workflows involved with analyzers, including logistics, commissioning and daily use. Our responsibilities included co-creative design, ergonomics, device placements, piping routing as well as creating a modular CAD model together with the sea container manufacturer.

The productized analyzator workspace provides many benefits:

– the entire device setup can be built and tested before shipping
– delivery times are shorter and logistics are easier
– time needed for commissioning is shorter, with less in-field resources needed
– the workspace provides a comfortable environment for working and education
– the reliability of the device setup is enhanced

Our design co-operation with Outotec started in 2012. In addition to Courier analyzers and their digital user interfaces, we have also designed heavy filtering units and their UIs.