Developed by Tabledbed Oy in close co-operation with ED Design, the Tablebed is an innovative piece of furniture which helps you use the space at home more efficiently – without compromising comfort and style. The Tablebed doubles as a dining table and a double bed, transforming from one form to the other in just ten seconds. The idea for combining the two essential pieces of furniture comes from the realization that both the table and the bed are rarely used at the same time, making for an ideal target for saving valuable floor space. The bed in the Tablebed provides a more comfortable mattress than a regular convertible sofa, an can fit bed clothes within it. The innovative mechanisms, structures and functional principles, for which Tablebed Oy has applied for patents, have been designed by ED Design. “Urbanization and constantly rising costs of living bring about a need for Tablebed. Savings can be vast when one wants to live in the city centre and can manage with one room less”, says Dine Renfors, the Creative Director of Tablebed Oy. “The Tablebed is also a convienient solution for summer houses.”