The Finnish design invention Tablebed has been included in Time magazine’s shortlist, The Best Inventions of 2021. Tablebed is a convertible piece of furniture that transforms from a six-seated table to a double bed, or vice versa, in just ten seconds.

“No living space is too small to host a dinner party when your bed doubles as a table. The Finnish-designed space savings innovation is perfect for the work from home era”, writes Time.

Inventor Dine Renfors built the first prototype of Tablebed in a barn at his childhood home. Having confirmed the feasibility of the idea, Renfors brought on the Finnish design agency ED Design for design and development work. Tablebed had its mechanism redesigned and was given a Scandinavian design. Both design and mechanics have since been patented.

“After years of good and hard development and branding work, attention from a top global magazine feels very rewarding”, says Joshua Moorrees, CEO of Tablebed, in an interview with Helsingin Sanomat. Moorrees goes on to praise Finnish product development, design, and branding expertise.

Tablebed exemplifies the megatrends of globalization and population growth in metropolitan areas. As living quarters are becoming smaller and more expensive, the trend towards for minimalism and multi-purpose spaces is a natural result.

Tablebed is the only Finnish product to be included in Time magazine’s list in 2021.

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