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The formula is all too familiar. You’re supposed to have a killer idea, make a product out of it, and enjoy the success. Great – except it almost never works this way. Instead, you’re highly likely to end up with an expensive dud.

Given the risks, it’s no wonder you may hesitate to make the first move.

But what if you knew beforehand that you have an idea that works? The concept might seem preposterous, but it really isn’t. Think about it:

  • Unless the users want your product, there can be no viable business
  • Unless there is going to be viable business, there is no point in investing in R&D

So, it all comes down to user insight. By truly understanding the needs and desires of your intended audience, you can create products and services that meet their goals – and generate viable business.

The DESIGN PUZZLE™ is a step-by-step process for user-centric ideation and design. The toolkit taps into the insights of the users, generates an in-depth understanding of their goals, and converts it into a clear formula for success.

The Design Puzzle™ methodology has been developed by ED Design.
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Valtra Q Series wins Red Dot 2023

ED Design joins Valtra in celebrating another achievement as Valtra’s Q Series tractor wins Red Dot Award: Product Design.

ED Design has been working as Valtra’s design partner of choice since the 1980s. The award-winning Q Series is the latest fruit of the co-operation.

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Wanted: Digital Service Designer

ED Design is a future-driven design and innovation agency. We design smart vehicles, products, services and working environments for clients such as ABB, Fingrid, Hyster-Yale, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Valtra, and Viessmann.

We are now looking for a DIGITAL SERVICE DESIGNER to work in diverse design and innovation projects.

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Evermat 40 years

40 Years of Evermat: Designing A Product That Lasts

The world is changing, but products that last don’t necessarily have to. This has been the core of thinking at ED Design for half a century.

Among the forerunners of sustainable design are Evermat. The 40-year old iconic design of their famous vegetable dryer remain unchanged to this day.

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