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We provide comprehensive R&D and manufacturing services for product and service development.

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ED Design is a Scandinavian design agency. Our experience, accumulated in the course of thousands of projects and spanning the timeline of almost half a century, forms the basis for creation and realization of new innovations. Our competence is reflected in the success of our customers.

Our Total R&D offering enables our clients to have the entire product and service development process from a single address.

  • Do you need to come up with new business opportunities?
  • Do you have an idea for a product or a service, but need someone to take care of R&D and productization?
  • Are you tired of managing several outsourced R&D teams?
  • Do you need an R&D partner that can also take care of manufacturing?

Look no further – we can provide you with all the R&D services you need!

A complete offering of
design & engineering

With the Total R&D model, you can entrust the entire R&D project to us. Or, you can cherry-pick services which suit your particular needs. Whatever you choose to do, you can be sure that the R&D project is competently managed.

  • Our design services include industrial design, UX design and service design. Designing all aspects of the product and service at once ensures a holistic user and brand experience.
  • Our mechanical engineering experts optimize the designs for usability, production readiness, and manufacturing costs. The designs are ready for up-scaling to larger volumes. 
  • Our electronics engineers are masters of embedded systems, wireless communication and IoT solutions.
  • Our software engineers develop software for embedded systems, mobile applications and cloud services.
Mekaniikkasuunnittelu Molok

From prototyping and testing to

Total R&D does not stop at design and engineering.

Our entire R&D process is based on constant prototyping and validation. By doing this, we can ensure a development process in which possible pitfalls are identified and eliminated before it’s too late. Ultimately, constant prototyping ensures that a product or service being developed is going to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Extensive usability testing and mechanical testing ensures that the product will meet all the requirements set to it, whether it be IP classifications, robustness, or user requirements . We can also take care of regulatory approvals.

If needed, we can set you up with different production volumes, from individual pieces to small batches, and to large-scale mass production.

Success is based on
customer insight

At the core of the Total R&D offering is the aim to create the perfect solution to meet the needs of the customer and other stakeholders.

Customer insight is our key to designing optimal products and services which enhance operations, improve productivity and safety, reduce frustration and increase satisfaction. To this end, we utilize cutting-edge methods for conducting user observations, interviews and co-creation workshops — remotely or on-site — and for analyzing the results.

User understanding not only helps in creating better products and services. It also uncovers hidden opportunities for new business.

A flexible and versatile
partner network

For our customers, Total R&D is a true one-stop shop for all product and service development needs. The offering is made possible by an extensive network of partners working seamlessly together.

Our partnerships cover services for wayfinding design, embedded systems development, mobile application development (Android & IOS), advanced data analytics, development of large-scale smart autonomous systems, modelling and prototyping, and small- and large-scale production.

Our partners include Atostek, Camteam, Defour, Muotohiomo, RCP Software and SADE Innovations — among others.

Benefits of
Total R&D

  1. One-stop shop: No need to shop around looking for the perfect partner for each aspect of the R&D project.
  2. Project management: A single point of contact makes things easy to manage.
  3. User experience: Holistic design links the physical world and digital user interfaces into smart and easy-to-use solutions.
  4. Brand manifestation: With design and engineering working closely together, brand elements are naturally manifested in all products and services.
  5. Business development: A combination of industrial design and service design generates new business models and enables new strategies.