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ED Design is a Scandinavian design agency. Our working method is an effective combination of industrial design and user interface design. In our world, digital and physical solutions form a whole which is both pleasant and functional.

Our digital user interface designs function as a seamless part of the physical context — whether it be a vehicle cockpit, a mission critical control room, a hospital operating theatre, or a mobile device used while on the move. The starting point of our design work is user understanding acquired via in-depth user studies.

Intuitive and consistent solutions can be swiftly learnt by users. To ensure further consistency, we design UX Style Guides which enable future solutions to be designed following a uniform style.


Benefits of
user interface design

  1. User experience: A great user interface is pleasant to use. As such, it engages its users and creates value.
  2. Consistency: A consistent user experience encompassing all products and applications makes transitions between manifestations easy.
  3. Holisticity: Holistic design connects digital user interfaces and the physical world into smart and easy-to-use solutions.
  4. Utility: Well-designed user interfaces enhance operations, improve productivity and safety, reduce frustration and increase satisfaction.
  5. Illustrative: Excellent user interfaces visualize the complex into simple.
  6. Brand manifestation: Customers have a stronger connection to a company’s brand elements when they are manifested consistently in all products and services.

User experience is

True user understanding is achieved by identifying the users’ core goals, i.e. what a user is trying to accomplish by using a product or service. Thus, a core goal should be reflected on every individual design solution, helping the users achieve their core goals.

Real user needs, desires and goals are identified by performing user studies in actual usage environments and contexts. In addition to end users, it is also important to consider e.g. logistics, installation and maintenance. User involvement challenges preconceived notions and reveals key areas for improvement. At its best, it opens up new business opportunities.

In the creative phase of our design work, our designers combine their creativity and experience with user and business understanding. The conceived concepts combine efficiency, functionality, security, convenience and smart digital solutions with brand-building Scandinavian design.

Our service designers, digital designers, graphic designers and industrial designers work closely with our customers throughout the development project.

User interface design

  • Usability studies
  • Concept design
  • Service design
  • UI style guides
  • UI specifications
  • Graphic design