Valtra T-Series




1986 – 2022


Industrial Design
Mechanical Design

ED has been Valtra’s design partner for more than three decades, and together we have produced tractor designs that has pushed the envelope on both form and function. We are proud to be a part of Valtra’s success.

Over more than three decades, Valtra’s and ED Design’s continuous design co-operation has deepened to a profound strategic partnership and won numerous international design awards.

Today, Valtra stands as the world leader in tractor design. The iconic sloping bonnet design, first introduced two decades ago, is still being widely copied by other brands worldwide. Recent design innovations are setting new standards for usability and productivity. And the future looks bright — Valtra’s autonomous tractors are already setting new world records.

Each tractor is a complex assembly with thousands of parts. By controlling the design and manufacturing of each part, we can make sure they work in perfect harmony and make a durable and functional tractor that stands up to Valtra’s market-leading standards.